Setting a Goal You Can Achieve; Being the Best You Can Be


On this show…we’re going to look at goal setting through a different lens. Instead of anxiously scripting a target based on the top ten goals someone said you should achieve before some magical age, we’re going to set a goal we CAN achieve; being the best you can be. Maybe you’re purpose-driven and have your life planned out for the next 3, 5, or 10 years. Perhaps you love deadlines, competition, pushing yourself to uncomfortable heights, and winning more than losing. I mean who doesn’t? But maybe, you find goal setting, milestones, self-motivation, and the celebratory dance all a bit overwhelming so instead, you retreat until something comfortable and doable lands in your lap. Ok, no matter who you identify with, there is a plan for you. 

A leader in my company introduced me to the idea of “Best we can be” and it was a bit of a revelation for me. Don’t you love how that happens? Something so simple can hit with perfect timing and SHAZAM, it’s life-altering. You see I’m sometimes guilty of all-or-nothing thinking. I’ve worked really hard on varying degrees but it’s easy to revert back to old habits. 

Now I want you to see this idea of “Best we can be” as a freedom-delivering, positive vibe-inducing way of thinking, not a scapegoat. Oh, believe me, I can justify anything so if you are going into this with anything but positivity, you could see that mantra as an excuse to do less than you’re capable of and call it good. I mean, it’s the best I can be…today.” 

Nope, not buying it. This mantra should be liberating and give you extra motivation to try harder. You see goals should be personal, passionate, and ensure growth. If you are in line to lose 10 lbs, get a promotion, make six figures or have 6-pack abs then grab a ticket and take a seat. But if you want to evaluate where you are, what you want, and how you’re going to get there; then set your compass to striving for a better you. Well then, grab your headlamp, and let’s get going!

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CHALLENGE: turn on the light, ask negative self-talk to zip it, and focus your newfound positive thinking on yourself. This year set a goal you can achieve; the best you can be.

I Know YOU Can Do It!