“Blinded by love and an optimistic indulgence to turn every negative into a positive. An oatmeal raisin who thinks she’s chocolate chip. Inspiring women to adjust their sails.”

It’s all true! I’m overly optimistic but instead of keeping my head in the clouds, I’m using that blessing to help others. Recently, I activated my purpose and started helping women find direction and be open to seeing opportunities everywhere. Beyond WOW is a Women’s Outreach focused on connection and encouragement. Women Helping Women Find Direction. Through this outreach I conduct, Job-Seeking workshops to help women rejoin the workforce. As a part of this effort, it was clear that women crave healthy and supportive relationships with other women, a network, or tribe. So I started Women Connect which is a support group where women come together to share, learn, and grow in a safe and loving environment!

Through this work, I realized encouragement is the seed that starts the growth so I developed a practice to make this more intentional. Encouragementology is the practice of instilling hope and through Here’s Your CUE, joy is found by connecting, understanding, and encouraging.

I’m on a mission to create a movement that will rewrite history, one person at a time!


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