Gifts; Those You Possess, Those You Give, and Those You Use


On this show…we are acquiring, unwrapping, giving, and using our gifts differently. You might hear the word gift and become anxious when you think of a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present. Let’s face it, some of us are not good gift givers. Or you might be thinking of this word with gratitude, possessing a natural ability or talent. You could be thinking of this word with action, like the verb to give (something) as a gift, especially formally or as a donation or bequest. Passing something to someone else. No matter what feeling it elicits or the vision you conjure, let’s take some time to dig a little deeper into gifts. Those we possess, those we give, and those we use. 

When I think about the gifts I’ve been given over my lifetime, I’m drawn to the moments, experiences, or art. I come from a family of artists and so each piece I possess is so much more than a gift I received at a certain event celebrating a time in my life. It’s an actual piece of them that they chose to give to me and now that piece lives here, we are all sharing this space together. I think about the time someone invested in me, teaching me, listening to me, and coaching me. Those gifts produce fruit in my life and help me give to someone else. So instead of a present I might have for a period of time, they gave me a gift that I can re-gift as I pass it on. 

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CHALLENGE: don’t miss the many gifts in all the wrapping. Your gifts are unique to you and are something to be treasured, utilized, and passed on. Keep your hearts open to being the receiver as well.

I Know YOU Can Do It!