The Power of Peace and Finding it Within


On this show…we’re taking in a big breath, closing our eyes, and remaining still as we tap into the power of peace that resides within us. What an amazing time-out and one that you can enlist anywhere and at any time. Chaos can be all-encompassing and before you know it, you’re swirling around with your thoughts pulled into a million different directions. You feel out of control and overwhelmed. Sorry for the radical change after such a lovely time-out but I’m curious, how do you handle those shifts throughout the day? Are you rational, weighing out all your options with a smooth transition into a problem-solving mode? Or do you shut down, riding the swells only to be pulled under by the current?  Sometimes it takes too much energy and focus to fight it. 

No matter how you react during stressful situations, the good news is, you have the power to control your reactions and usher in peace. an achievable state of mind that has everything to do with how you feel inside, instead of what’s happening around you.  In case you didn’t hear me, you have power and we’re going to tap into some of that right now. 

First, you have to have an awareness of where you are, what you what, and what you need. If you react without thought or understanding then it will be difficult to make any changes. 

Before we get too deep it might be worthwhile to answer these questions. Do I want more peace in my life? How much value do I place on peace? Am I willing to avoid chaos to protect my peace?

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CHALLENGE: take a much-needed time-out as you tap into the power within. You have the ability to order your steps, direct your mind, and guard your heart.

I Know YOU Can Do It!