People Pleasing, Understanding the Characteristics of Codependency


On this show…we are armed with a hoe and spade in hand as we attempt to pluck out our deeply rooted compulsive behavior of people pleasing. Now, before you question how bad could “pleasing” someone really be? I will just say stop, listen, and hold on to your hat! This episode is meant to be eye-opening to help you notice these characteristics in yourself and in others as a way to bring awareness and the opportunity for change. 

I for one held out on addressing these issues longer than I should. Frankly, I was in denial. A notable characteristic in itself. I’m “helping people” hello, doesn’t anyone but me recognize this? For some reason, I just had the capacity to be able to take on more and solve everyone else’s problems while solving my own. Sounds reasonable right? Well if you just said yes then you are in as bad of shape as I was so stay tuned. 

I didn’t know what people were referring to when they would say things like, take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. If I would have taken the time to do that, then they would have been in even more of a mess than they were to start with. Geez – looking back now I can see how ridiculous that line of thinking was but then, under that influence, without the awareness, it sounded perfectly normal.  Thank you to CODA – Codependence Anonymous for opening my eyes.

Dr. Shawna Freshwater helps us understand what we’re dealing with in Codependency Traits: What, How, When are the Traits Formed? Found at

Dr. Bruce Y. Lee gives us some strategies on How to Deal with People-Pleasers Who Go Too Far found at

Jon Jaehnig teaches us How To Change Your Thoughts And Behavior Patterns For the Better at


CHALLENGE: take an honest look at yourself and be willing to address your characteristics that aren’t serving you in a loving and positive way. You have the power to change your thinking and your behavior.

I Know YOU Can Do It!