Lengthen Your Stride Taking Intentional Steps Toward Your Purpose


On this show…we’re looking to take a big ol’intentional step toward our purpose. Lengthening your stride is about walking with long, decisive steps in a specified direction. Being intentional means doing something with a purpose or deliberately. So what you won’t hear during this show is any type of time-out huddle rally, asking you to get your head in the game and try harder, run faster, or achieve better results. Instead, this will be looking at patience, and timing while we take a purposeful walk along our journey. So relax, let the pressures of the day go, and let’s start to examine where we are and where we want to go. We’ll look at picking up a tip or two so don’t worry about a radical life change. Just a pace that is easy yet a bit more calculated. 

You know when I started out on my journey, I had it all figured out, or at least I thought I did. Remember mapquest printouts? Step-by-step instructions, arrows, markers, and even upcoming detours. Then life hands you unexpected delays and instead of “recalculating” you hang out there for a while, trying to figure it all out and what should be your next move. It seems like a couple of decades of rinse and repeat until you get a better plan, broader view, or maybe just different expectations. What I mean to say is, hey, life has a way of sorting things out and getting you back on course. Maybe not the one you intended but nevertheless, you’re moving forward. 

But guess what….you can insert a little intention here.

Shara Ryan gives us 7 Purposeful Steps To Intentional Living with a thoughtful line of questioning found at simplyrenewedliving.com

Maggie Wooll enlightens us with 8 reasons why patience in life matters found at betterup.com

Caspar Craven tells us how to Be Intentional: Redesign Your Life To Make Good Use Of Time

Antonia at balancethroughsimplicity.com adds 14 Ways to be Intentional Every Day

CHALLENGE: slow down to focus and then step with intent toward your purpose. Slow and steady gives you time to enjoy the experiences along the way as you choose the most meaningful way to spend your most precious resource.

I Know YOU Can Do It!