See People, Taking Notice of the World Around You


On this show….we are taking notice of the world around us by seeing people. Not just the people you have in your inner circle or the people you come into contact with at work, church, school, or the grocery. I mean ALL people from the itty bitty babies who get all the coos to the elderly who sometimes get forgotten. It’s time to celebrate and learn from every season of life.  Are you in your prime? What season is that? Is that when you’re just starting out and the world is your oyster or is that when you have finally figured out that life is for you and not against you? That you can overcome life’s challenges and learn from disappointment, pain, and sorrow. Not sure I can cover all the angles of this idea but I can get you thinking and curious to know more. Most importantly, I would like to give you an awareness of the value of each stage so that you can take notice and See People. 

This idea came to me in the midst of a people-watching session during some recent travel. Are you a people watcher? Oooooh I love some good people-watching. We recently returned from New Orlean’s French Quarter, need I say more? But this recent travel involved a few airports. Perfect people-watching. You have time, nothing to do but wait on your plane, and plenty of people to watch. But most of the people around me were on their phones, texting, searching, face-timing, playing games, or just clicking through their photos. 

Even though I was watching them, they weren’t watching me. It dawned on me how little we casually interact these days. The airport and a long flight used to be the best time to make a new friend, learn about a job or industry, and share a little about yourself with a complete stranger, knowing your paths probably wouldn’t cross again.  

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CHALLENGE: SEE PEOPLE, slow down and take notice. Intentionally reach out and connect with some to share and learn. Every stage of life is captured in the people around you, don’t let them go unnoticed. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!