Inspiring Interviews: Rachel, Surrendering All


On this show….we are learning what it takes to let go, give in, ask for help, and surrender all. I’m joined by Rachel, a strong woman in recovery who has fought hard to build a life she can be proud of. One of joy, honesty, responsibility, and power. She will tell you it wasn’t easy and there was a time she didn’t see a way out. To be sitting here today, sober, hopeful, employed, and reunited with her family was something she never dreamt possible. But she met a counselor, a spiritual guide, who told her she deserved that and so much more! If you are struggling with addiction or substance abuse or if you know someone who is, listen and pass this on. Even if substance abuse hasn’t reached you or your family, listen to a story of hope that may give you more than you bargain for. 

CHALLENGE: become aware of your own ups and downs along your journey as you open yourself up to accept and learn from others. Reach out, ask for help, and surrender all.

I Know YOU Can Do It!