Why Your Words Matter


On this show…we are going to be curious, mindful, and impeccable as we uncover and embrace, why your words matter. So many times we deliver a word never knowing the impact, where it goes, how it lands, and what takes root. Other times, our words never make it to the surface but are cut off by our brain’s controlling intervention prompted by doubt or fear. On this journey of self-discovery, it’s important to dig in and learn as much as we can about ourselves, what makes us tick, and what can we do to maximize our impact.  You have some real power here, the power of the tongue. Let’s not wield it lightly. 

I was getting ready to speak the other day and the host of the event was getting the microphone ready and she used the word “subtle” when referring to the amplification. It struck me as funny because that’s never been a word to describe me. Subtle. I’ve never been told to speak up, either in terms of volume or interjection. I have been told to lower my voice and let someone else have a turn haha. 

I have never found it hard to find my voice but looking back, I may have been naive to the power of my words. Let’s pay attention to the positive power and the negative so that we have a clearer picture. 

Over at goop.com I found The Scary Power of Negative Words

Dr. Jack Schafer furthers our exploration with Words Have Power found at psychologytoday.com

At the Lifelong Learner Youtube channel, I found Be Impeccable With Your Word | The Four Agreements – Part 1

Allaya Cooks-Campbell tells us why Speaking up for yourself is important — 11 steps to get it right found at betterup.com

CHALLENGE: be aware of what you say, when, and how. Use your words to empower, inform, and engage. Your words matter and people, including yourself, are listening. 

I Know You Can Do It!