Fast and Easy Isn’t Always Better


On this show…we will be taking our time, revisiting the unbroken, and removing the quick and easy to prove, it isn’t always better. Convenience is well, convenient and progress is undeniable but what would you go back to if you could? Have you early adopted yourself into technology overload? Do you feel more supported and connected or isolated and forgotten? Well, guess what, you can embrace or push back wherever and whenever you feel like it. Not impressed with the pace of this digital Flume Zoom, then get off the ride. You choose. Already can’t understand the one you have, then stop upgrading. Missing a good old-fashioned hen fest, then stop texting and make a date with your friends. Put yourself back into the command center Captain chair and start navigating this crazy high-speed world with a little more editing and veto power. 

I remember a day…Oh here we go, miles to school in the snow, one drumstick for the whole family, right? No no, but let’s all take a minute and remember a day. A really good day. 

Now, where are you and what’s happening? Does your good day involve others or a much-needed day for yourself? Are you relaxing or living it up? Get specific and detailed, painting a vivid picture of this memory. 

Let’s set this memory aside with the “Happy Place” label as we visit the opposite, a terrible day. When was the last time you were frustrated, angry, defeated, anxious, overwhelmed….you fill in the blank? What are you doing and where are you? Are you with others or having a pity party by yourself? Are you solving the world’s problems or on the verge of giving up? Give your memory some color and detail here. 

How can we clone your Happy Place to visit it often while we minimize your days of frustration? 

The point is, you have the power to direct your energy and your day. We’re going to visit some ideas that you can use to navigate this busy and sometimes chaotic world to carve out more of the happy.

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CHALLENGE: Before you jump to adopt the new and improved, evaluate its relevance for you and your life. Protect what is important, even if it’s simpler. Recreate your happy place with meaningful moments.

I Know YOU Can Do It!