Holding Firm and Pushing Your Own Boundaries


On this show…we are defining our threshold and challenging our limiting beliefs as we set boundaries we intend to hold firm and those we aspire to push. Boundaries help us move through life with protection while providing a safe way to measure our growth. It just might be time to outgrow your current position and move forward! This exercise isn’t meant to box you in or make you feel trapped. Boundaries are evolutionary and when you feel ready, can shape-shift to meet your next trial. The goal we are setting for this topic is ownership. You own the next move instead of letting your circumstance, own you. 

Have you ever uttered the words, “I don’t know, it just happened?” Have you ever felt like you are just following life and jumping hurdles when prompted? Do you feel like life is leading you? If you’re shaking your head and you’ve been pushed, pulled, prodded, devalued, overlooked, belittled, controlled……(do you want me to keep going) KEEP LISTENING.

Healthy boundaries are personal and a form of self-care. It helps to create clear guidelines/rules/limits of how you would like to be treated. So many times we expect people to treat us the way we want to be treated but yet we never communicate what that looks like. We keep this and all the ways we’ve been threatened, swirling around in our heads making us more vulnerable instead of stronger. Communicating your boundaries is a crucial step and one we will dive into. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves AND before we can look at pushing said boundaries, we need to first identify where we need to establish our first boundary.

Dr. Jo Nash teaches us How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Build Positive Relationships found at positivepsychology.com

Logan Hailey helps us understand How to Set Boundaries: 5 Ways to Draw the Line Politely found at scienceofpeople.com

Let’s take a listen to Brene Brown Boundaries found at ANDREA’S A TO Z STRATEGIES: HEALTH & WELL-BEING – Youtube channel

Over at loveselfcare.com I found some ideas on Pushing Past Your Limits – When and Why to Do It

CHALLENGE: create boundaries that help protect you as you self-reflect and self-nurture but then expand and push past boundaries, testing self-limiting thoughts to experience true growth. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!