Refusing to Give Up; Another Try, Another Chance


On this show…we are making a commitment to ourselves to give it another try and another chance.  No quick throw of the towel here. If you’re tired of always starting over, changing courses, sacrificing your dreams, and just feeling like you can never win, then keep listening. We’re making a bold statement today and refusing to give up…that easy. How many times do you have a great idea, excited, and anxious to get going then days, weeks, or months later, you’ve second guessed yourself, talked yourself out of it, and given up the idea? All the time. 

95% of new products fail. And 90% of startup companies never make it. That’s not for a lack of ideas. It’s a lack of execution: the same reason why people dream of writing a novel, crafting a piece of music, or learning a new language — but never actually do it. It starts with making a commitment to yourself because you, and you can keep going when they say it’s impossible. The next thing we’ll explore is motivation and tenacity, this idea of one more try and one more chance. And last but not to be forgotten, how to get back in there when the motivation just isn’t there. 

Oh, the ideas I’ve had over the years. I was a child entrepreneur, starting my own business when I was 7 or 8. Now, when I say business I mean creating a product and trying to sell it. I don’t want you trying to look up some publicly traded stock by a child protege. My first business was easter flowers by the bunch. My second business was gently used children’s toys from my room. Then there was an attempt at a pretzel stand among many others. Just so you know, I am not selling pretzels today. Refusing to give up isn’t meant to keep you pushing a square peg into a round hole. Giving in to an idea that isn’t ready, isn’t sustainable, or honestly, just wrong is ok. It gives you time back to modify and re-engineer your idea or your approach. 

We’re focusing on those times we just didn’t give it our all. Why and why not?

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CHALLENGE: make a commitment to yourself to give it one more try and one more chance before you throw in the towel. You have more resolve than you think and taking time to find a way forward is worth it!

I Know YOU Can Do It!