Figuring Out What You Want Before Setting a Path to Get There


On this show…we are going to take some time to search our souls, do a little research, and spend some time daydreaming to figure out what we truly want. No sense in spending time goal setting if you haven’t identified your goal. Create SMART goals, write your goals down, develop an action plan, build a timeline, and then take action! That all sounds great but first, where are you going? Here’s the infamous line of questioning that we sluff off unless we’re prompted to create a vision for a job interview; Where do you see yourself in 1-3-5 years? As a result, you might think this vision only applies to your professional career but you can use this for anything. What do you want to do this next year? 

No, no….this isn’t a trivia question on a game show. You have time and should take time to figure this out. Your answers will chart your direction. Goal setting can be intimidating and this aggressive push to have things figured out and to always be moving forward can be overwhelming. Let’s take a moment and set the action steps aside. Take a big breath in and exhale. Imagine yourself in a room on a comfy chair. The lights are dim and it’s quiet. Not the kind of quiet that gets your mind reeling but the kind that you’re grateful for. We have all the time we want to focus without interruption. 

I’m going to ask you a question and there are no right or wrong answers. What do you want? In an attempt to give context but not guide your mind or answer, this doesn’t have to pertain to something tangible like a purchase of sorts. This can be a feeling, a desire, an experience, or a moment. What do you want? 

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CHALLENGE: Spend some time with yourself as you check in on what’s important to you and why. Big or small, set a path for yourself that includes the steps to get there. Check-in regularly and lean on support when you need extra motivation to keep going.

I Know YOU Can Do It!