Finding Awareness and Understanding


On this show….we are in search of a better vantage point and a little patience as we find awareness and understanding for ourselves and others. On this journey of self-discovery, it’s time for a check-in. Do we know where we are, where we’re going, and why? Are we happy with our progress, if not why? And a question that shouldn’t be overlooked, what can we do to get back on track, get satisfied, or push ahead? It’s easy to get lost in self-help mantras and top 10 lists while assuming you’re doing some quality work and experiencing growth in leaps and bounds, but can you be objective? Aren’t you searching because you don’t have all the answers? If you were “there”, would you be able to recognize it, having never been “there” before? All good exploratory questions, perfect for our check-in.

Let’s take a moment and check our toolbox and map. What are you using to guide your journey to self-discovery? Have you found journaling to be helpful? Are you detailing your day, chronicling visions for your future, or barely recording the important moments? Do you have an accountability partner, therapist, or trusted friend you share updates with? Are you finding time to nurture yourself? ME TIME, yoga time, prayer time, nature time…etc? Are you pulling it together in one cohesive approach or more of a scattershot, trying anything that promises to feel good? 

We might need a little direction to get us started or kick-start a relaunch. 

Maggie Wooll gives us 10 self-discovery techniques to help you find yourself found at

Kendra Cherry helps us understand What Is Self-Awareness?

Development, Types, and How to Improve – found at

Sadhguru enlightens us on, How Do You Get To Know Yourself Fully? 

Over at, Lindsay Tigar gives us some strategies on How to be more patient with yourself

CHALLENGE: evaluate where you are on your journey to self-discovery. To do so requires a little self-awareness. Is this a good place to stop and dig in for a while to better understand yourself and others?  No need to rush, you set the pace.

I Know YOU Can Do It!