ADDING Joy to the World With Your Contribution


On this show…we are ringing the bell, taking notice, and adding joy to the world with our own intentional contributions. Guess what, you don’t have to wait on the miraculous to happen to feel great pleasure and happiness. You can take charge and create these feelings for yourself. It starts with understanding more about this feeling called joy. Digging deeper into the action of giving joyfully, and then understanding how you can take ownership of adding joy to the world.  Sounds like a worthy mission to me. I mean what’s the opposite; misery, despair, trial, and tribulation – no thank you! Give me joy…oops I mean, let me find joy, strive for joy, and spread joy. Deal?

I have never quite understood this idea of, it’s as good as it’s ever going to get OR these are the cards I’ve been dealt. Or phrases like; that’s just the way it is and everyone’s got to die of something. No thank you! It brings to mind this meme I saw around the internet where a raccoon on the side of the road, definitely deceased has a mylar balloon tied to his wrist that says “Get Well Soon”. 

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Do you want to feel more joyful in your day-to-day life? Would you like to be surrounded by more joyful people? Are you looking for a way to contribute to the health of the world but it feels like an impossible task? Well, you’ve tuned into the right show today – stay with me! 

You are a joyologist! Ok, maybe you aren’t right now or today but you can be. You can make infectious joy part of your daily routine. 

To get there, we need to know the difference…


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CHALLENGE: activate joy in your life! It resides in your heart and you can share it with others through acts of service. Active joy illuminates your life and draws others to you.

I Know YOU Can Do It!