Change Your Mindset, Change Your Direction, Change Your Life!

Change Your Mindset


On this show….we aren’t relying on rubbing the lamp, three wishes, or even luck to change your lives – we are taking control by changing our mindset and changing our direction. Too many times we’ve left it up to chance, waiting for a rainy day, or a “sign” that never comes. So we wait. All the while ignoring our power to activate real action in our lives. Forge forward with a renewed mind and the motivation we need to propel us forward. The mind is a terrible thing to waste so let’s tap in and see where it takes us.

How many times do you say, “when I win the lottery I’m going to do X, Y ,Z?” Now just for fun, how many of you actually play the lottery? Why do we put things we would love to do into this futuristic bubble that we’re never going to pop? Sometimes it’s fun fantasizing about what life could look like. Remember when you were young and you played those games; where you were going to live, what kind of house you would have, what kind of car you would drive, who you would marry, and how many kids you would have. How about the magic 8-ball; yes, no, maybe, outlook not good, signs point to yes. 

At one point, early in life, you thought everything and anything was within your reach. Then you were told no – ‘no, no, no!” and you started to doubt yourself. Reality hit and you realized or believe that not everything was possible so those things became fantasies or pipe dreams. You put them in the bubble and thought of them less and less. You accepted that it wasn’t in the cards. 

What if you could change your mindset and revive some of those dreams? Ok, maybe you can’t go to the moon, sorry little astronaut, but you can seek adventure and curb your appetite for exploration. And that’s just the start!

Over at I found an article by Quincy Seale: 9 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Mindset

  1. You are constantly focusing on what’s wrong 
  2. You mourn your failures but forget to celebrate your victories
  3. You don’t want to face the truth
  4. You feel angry when your expectations are not met
  5. You feel unsatisfied and unhappy with everything you have (or don’t have)
  6. You find yourself regularly coming to blows with the people you care about
  7. You think about what you “have to” do instead of what you “get to” do
  8. You see yourself as a victim
  9. You hold onto the dramas of other people

Encouragementology is the practice of instilling hope and this show is about finding positive alternatives to life’s challenges. An overarching theme in everything I do is finding and activating your power. 

Life can be harsh…if you let it. There is negativity at every turn. The perception is that we elevate and celebrate struggle more than success. Drama, fear, and tragedy are what sells so heart-warming and inspirational are left to the dodo on Instagram. Puppies from the street to a loving household and we weep. We long for a good feel-good story – it’s what our heart craves. Create your own heart-warming and inspirational story. Unplug from the negative, activate your power, propel your life forward, and then share your story with others.

7 Mindsets help us to Change Your Mindset to Achieve your Goals.

  1. Accept that your thinking needs adjusting 
  2. Identify your counter-mindsets
  3. Flip the switch
  4. Understand your “why” 
  5. Realize that motivation and willpower are not enough
  6. Start small so you can finish big 
  7. Get comfortable with the “F” word 

Feeling down and unmotivated? How about take control and look for motivation. Instead of booking your pity-party table for one – realize there is inspiration, heartfelt messages, and plenty of go-get-it attitudes just waiting for you to consume. 

Make it a part of your everyday. Can’t conjure up a good attitude on your own? No worries, start your day with a devotional or a reminder to “let it go”. Create a Pinterest board with quotes and memes that say something to your soul. Explore an uplifting podcast (like this one, wink wink). Find a book on adventure, overcoming adversity, or the simple pleasures of life to remind yourself that there is good all around you. 

Your new direction only presents itself if you are looking for it. Clear out the cobwebs of past regret, shut off or excuse yourself from water cooler negative nonsense, and lookup. No really, look up. How often do you do that? Want to imagine an expansive world where anything is possible – look up into the sky and let your mind float away. 

Stay there and remind yourself of the things that are under your control:

Your Beliefs

Your attitude

Your thoughts

Your perspective

How honest you are

Who your friends are

What books you read

How often you exercise

The type of food you eat

How many risks you take

How you interpret the situation

How kind you are to others

How kind you are to yourself

How often you say “I love you.”

How often you say “thank you.”

How you express your feelings

Whether or not you ask for help

How often you practice gratitude

How many times you smile today

The amount of effort you put forth

How you spend / invest your money

How much time you spend worrying

How often you think about your past

Whether or not you judge other people

Whether or not you try again after a setback

How much you appreciate the things you have

— Caleb LP Gunner, 26 Things That Are Completely Under Your Control

CHALLENGE: let go of lady luck and grab onto that which is in your control. Today you can change your mindset, inviting in thoughts and feelings that surround you with love and inspiration. This renewed and positive energy will help you find a new direction to explore…and change your life!

I Know YOU Can Do It!