Getting Lost in the Minutia or Rising Above


On this show…we are elevating our thinking and rising above for a new perspective. Life can be chaotic and the world may seem out of control but WE don’t have to get lost in the minutia trying to figure it all out. Are you shaking your head because you’ve had one of those days? I’m sure when you woke up this morning you had high hopes to soar through the day focused on only the positive only to get pushed and pulled into every traumatic, anxiety-induced, over-the-top issue possible. Ok breathe….stay with me here, what if, none of that needed your time and attention? I’m not suggesting and out of body experience here but let’s imagine ourselves floating up above all the problems of the world. From here we look down to put things into perspective. What do you see?

I love this visual and use it often. It reduces a mountain back down to a molehill. It allows me to prioritize when everything seems to want the same amount of attention, and it opens my eyes to the fact that I don’t have to spin every plate or catch every ball. 

Everyone can picture a mouse maze, right? Now, don’t you know the mouse wishes he had your perspective right now? All he wants is some cheese, he’s hungry, he can smell it but from his vantage point, he only sees obstacle after obstacle, dead end after dead end. From your perspective, you can see the right path to the cheese without any problem – “Go there…no no, take a left, now a right, RUN You got it!”

The chaos of life can feel like that mouse maze where we keep going in circles and getting now where. What if we change our vantage point?

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CHALLENGE: Stop running the rat race and rise above. Change your vantage point for a new perspective. You don’t have to participate in the same manner or at all. Search out a new route for your journey.

I Know YOU Can Do It!