You’re in Charge of Hope


On this show…we are waking up and taking notice that we’re in charge of hope. No longer will we resign to hopelessness or a feeling of powerlessness. No longer will we get swept away with all that is wrong forgetting that we play a part in our own happiness and hope – a BIG part. We can choose to see the light or be consumed with darkness. We can buy into what we see or spend our time visualizing what we want to see. When you meditate, calm yourself, and take a breather, what do you think about? Do you replay all that you’ve heard, spinning in a loop of fear, or do you think of solutions? What drives you to problem-solving? 

I can’t stand to be stuck. That’s it. Whether it’s in a bad mood, financially behind, or that feeling of powerlessness. I take a moment to acknowledge it and then I say, “Whelp, here we are …now what?” When my Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and facing a long road ahead he told me, we’re heading to the doctor to see what we’re dealing with here. I love that attitude. Life is full of challenges and setbacks but it’s also full of victory and joy. You have to see what you’re dealing with and find the opportunities, even if initially hard to see, to instill hope.

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CHALLENGE:  turn away from the chaos and seek a radical change in your thinking. Realize that hope is within your grasp and choose to believe in what you can’t see. Hopelessness is not a destiny but a call to action.

I Know YOU Can Do It!