Uncovering a Need and Taking Action


On this show…we are stepping up and taking notice of the needs around us and in ourselves. Feeling frustrated and small when it comes to the problems all around you? You are not alone. No matter how big the problem is or seems, you can make a powerful impact, today, right this second. All you have to do is notice and take action. You might be asking “what can I do?” that’s right but this time say it with conviction; “What CAN I do?” and then be willing to pitch in. Just like challenges can seem huge solutions can be small. Your efforts can help one person immensely or inspire more to help many. Either way, your actions have an impact. 

I used to have that same mindset. The world’s problems were for other people to figure out. People with more power and influence. I mean, I was still trying to get somewhere in my own life. Without everything figured out, how could I be of any help? As I started my career, sure I helped those around me with training, leadership, and a little motivation but I still couldn’t feel the impact of my efforts. 

Then I stumbled upon Encouragementology, ok God pushed me but still…it was a revelation beyond all others. People need encouragement. It helps with restoration and rejuvenation of the body and soul, and renewal of the spirit of others and even of those who encourage, according to recent research. Encouragement is vital to child maturation and adult optimal health. The healing benefits of encouragement outweigh criticism and can build self-confidence. And guess what? It’s free, easy to do, SO rewarding, and creates a ripple. When you change the outlook and trajectory of a person, the sky is the limit and there is no telling how high and how far they can go. 

We all have needs and encouragement is just one of them…

Over at happonomy.org, I found The Happonomy Human Needs Model

Ariela Paulsen shares 3 Ways to Recognize When Someone Needs Support

Found at Mighty Well

Optimal Lifestyle gives us a better idea of Active Listening. How to be a great listener. Found on their youtube channel

Lesley University inform us about The Psychology of Emotional and Cognitive Empathy found out lesley.edu

How We Can Create Positive “Ripple Effects” Throughout Our Day from Kid President

CHALLENGE: Take notice of those around you who may have quiet needs. You have the power to make a real difference with the actions you take. Listen to understand and take the time to share words of encouragement. It’s free and far-reaching!

I Know YOU Can Do It!