Prevailing Perseverance When Your Tank is Empty


On this show…we’re going to coast down the decline while we gain momentum for the upcoming hills, pushing it one more mile at a time. Sometimes, quitting is not an option but how do you find prevailing perseverance when your tank is empty? One moment at a time, that’s how. Even when you think you’ve come to the end of your road and have hit a dead end, you have more to give than you think is humanly possible. But always pushing past your limits is not the goal. In everything, personal and professional, we are striving for a healthy balance. The word balance may just be a word you’ve heard but you’re not really sure how it fits into your life…like the words self-care or relaxation. You might think those words are only entertained when everything else is done. That my friend would be the opposite of balance, imbalance. 

So let’s dig in to these ideas of perseverance, balance, and filling your tank.

I love to be busy. I have an expanded capacity to take on more, juggle multiple things, and get things done. I hear it over and over from people who observe my life “Wow, how could you possibly take on one more thing”, “Where do you find the time”, “Do you ever sit down?”. I also don’t recognize when I’m overwhelmed until I’m in crisis mode. Everyone deals with those feelings in different ways. You might scream, having feelings of anxiety, be nervous, and worry….I shut it out and do nothing. Haha the good thing is I don’t stew over it or worry. The con is, I’m not getting it done because I switch to cruise control and sit back and relax. So knowing this about myself, I try and stay in that balanced state where I’m busy but not overwhelmed. Remember when Scarlet Ohara said, “I won’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Yep, that’s overwhelmed for me.

What about you?

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CHALLENGE: one more mile, one more try, one more time. You have more effort available than you’ve recognized. Prevailing perseverance will propel you to navigate any challenge, delivering valuable learning along the way. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!