Who’s Watching? Taking Personal Responsibility


On this show…we are stepping up, doing the work, recognizing our role, and taking personal responsibility. Regardless of who’s watching, first and foremost, we’re accountable to ourselves. Ever try and get one over on yourself? Maybe you’re the most gullible when you’re selling yourself, justifying your actions, and glamorizing the situation. I mean really, who’s watching? YOU and you count, possibly more than anyone. How can we start taking responsibility without all the shame and guilt? Forgiveness. But this only happens with acceptance. Looks like we have a lot to unpack and a process to follow, so let’s get started.

Where are you when it comes to personal responsibility? It’s actually a whole thing. 

I think it was easier to take responsibility when I got a little older and wiser. I can remember a time when I played the blame game and considered myself mostly in the right. There was also that period I was convinced everything would work out perfectly if people would just do as I told them…yeah seriously! I’ve grown. But when I finally had enough experience under my belt and I could take a step back to look at a larger body of work (my life) I could start to see patterns. Hurts and habits that had a way of repeating themselves. The only common denominator was me so it was pretty apparent. In order to move past that revelation, I had to take responsibility for my own actions and the role I played. A bitter pill, sometimes, but the critical learning made it easier to swallow.

Marty Ward helps us define What Is Personal Responsibility And What It Means For You found at 1vibrantlife.com

At masterclass.com I found a plan, Personal Responsibility: How to Develop Personal Responsibility

PragerU breaks it down a little further on their youtube channel Personal Responsibility: The Ultimate Freedo

Sara Lindberg helps us with How to Forgive Yourself found at healthline.com

Please remember:

  • Be patient with yourself
  • You only know what you know
  • Be curious for the why but accepting of the unanswered questions
  • Be flexible, you can pivot anytime you want
  • Own it, no one can write the same story the or the same ending
  • Share with others, your story might be just what someone needs to get them through their struggle
  • Take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day
  • Don’t be afraid, being willing to take the next step is the hardest part.
  • Be Kind, with yourself and others. 
  • Forgive yourself and others and detach with love when it makes the most sense

CHALLENGE: exchange your burdens for freedom with personal responsibility and forgiveness. Create healthy boundaries as you learn more about your capacity and need for self-care.

I Know YOU Can Do It!