Organizing Your Thoughts: Coming to Terms, Letting Go, and Making a Plan


On this show…we are attempting to clear out the clutter, find a place for the keep, and formulate a productive to-do as we work on organizing our thoughts; coming to terms, letting go, and making a plan. Do you find it difficult to concentrate on what truly matters when you’re overwhelmed with all the extra thoughts that flood your mind? How do you make space to focus? Most of the time we just move mental clutter from one corner to the next, neatly stack what we plan on getting to eventually, or cram another brain drawer with miscellaneous ideas we hope to sort out at some point. If any of this sounds familiar, keep listening. Don’t put off today what you think you will get to tomorrow. 

Raise your hand if you’re carrying around a lot of useless information that you may or may never need to recall. Now, depending on where you are in your life, evaluate your brain’s hard drive to determine the bandwidth you’re working with. It may be time to do a data dump and reorganize your thoughts to make room for something new. It’s no secret that eventually, you run out of space. Let’s take some time to strategize a better way to organize your thoughts making the commitment to work through some unresolved issues and let go of harmful baggage we’ve been dragging around decade after decade. Deal?

At I found some great information to get us started: Taking Responsibility for Our Own Lives: My 5 steps to stop letting your past dictate your future!

Galina Hitching offers us Ways To Better Organize Your Thoughts (And Be Productive) found at

Sarah Regan shares Steps To Let Go Of The Past & Actually Move Forward found at

CHALLENGE: Invite in a trusted friend or professional to help you evaluate your thoughts. Instead of living with guilt, shame, and overwhelm, push back and be willing to take responsibility where you can and let go of what is no longer serving you.

I Know YOU Can Do It!