Taking a Trip in Time: Revisit, Repair, or Research


On this show…we are rethinking the traditional getaway, vacay, or holiday instead, opting for a trip through time to revisit, repair, or even research what’s next.  Sure, a condo at the beach never gets old, and visiting family during the holidays is essential but what else could your mind imagine? How about handing John Hancock the quill during the signing of the Constitution, working TSA for Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight in 1927, or casting the first female vote after the 19th Amendment went into effect? Maybe your time travel would be more personal like another day with a loved one, a chance to tell an important person how you really feel, or the ability to right a wrong and change your past. You might be curious to see how the other folks live like traveling back to the pioneer days, the great depression, or maybe a trip into the future.  

Whatever that looks like to you, let’s take a moment and dream. 

Over at onewithnow.com I found If You Could Go Back in Time, What Would You Change?

On Mix 95.7FM in West Michigan I found an interesting question proposed and responses from some listeners. If You Could Time Travel, Where Would You Go And Why? – #TQOTD

Johann N. Neem enlightens us with Connecting Past to Present: The History Major in Our Communities

From the Gallup news service I found The Most Important Events of the Century From the Viewpoint of the People

On MariaMila Vazquez’s Youtube Channel I found, Rewrite Your Past: Time Machine – let’s take a listen

CHALLENGE: Spend some time daydreaming about where, who, and especially, when. Explore your interests, research, and revisit a time period that is meaningful to you, and change your own ending by how you narrate your past, present, and future.

I Know YOU Can Do It!