Midlife Mastery: Navigating Frustration to Find Fulfillment and Gratitude


On this show…we are tackling midlife challenges as we navigate through frustration to find fulfillment and gratitude. Whether you’re in a season of discontent, full-out frustration, or downright crisis, there is something in here for you. Crisis sounds so fatal but let’s start with a definition so we’re all on the same page: Crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. Nothing is broken here but rather a chance to get to know yourself better as you learn what’s working and what isn’t. If life’s plan is to evolve yourself as a human being on a journey of self-discovery, then a snag or two along the way seems more than reasonable. Our brain, the powerful engine in partnership with our heart can sometimes get out of alignment. With self-awareness and a commitment to weather the storm, you can adopt new ideas and strategies to help you over the hump or humps.

So, with that in mind…

On forbes.com,  Shelby Simon opens up with information on Midlife Crisis: Signs, Causes And Treatments

FRANK J. INFURNA  gives some insight on Why Midlife Is So Hard—Especially Now found on the Greater Good Magazine website from Berkley

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On roadtotheunknown.com  I found a valuable practice The 4 A’s of Gratitude: A Comprehensive Guide

CHALLENGE: Remember that everyone’s journey through a midlife crisis is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Understand that change is a natural part of life, and growth often comes from challenges. Embrace this opportunity for personal development.

I Know YOU Can Do It!