Beyond the Banter: Elevating Small Talk to Transformative Connections


On this show… we are going beyond the banter as we dive deeper into conversations elevating small talk into transformative connections. Always looking for something interesting to say that doesn’t involve the weather, the state of the union, or the latest child’s milestone? You may not be alone. Social media keeps us somewhat connected on “what’s new” or the cracked window we are willing to open when it comes to our personal lives. But how can we create more meaningful relationships if we can’t find opportunities to open up? A chance meeting in the grocery store or in line at an event isn’t the right environment to go deeper so we may need to carve out the time and encourage thoughtful communication. 

When was the last time you connected with a friend to chat? Not a txt string or a quick phone call but an intentional “catch-up”? I venture to say we talk about it more than we do it. In this instant, good intentions don’t count. “Hey let’s grab lunch.” “We really should make more time to get together”. “It’s been ages since we caught up”. Smile, kiss kiss, and move on for another day when everyone has more time. 

News flash….more time is an exchange, not an addition. You have to reset priorities to find more time plain and simple.

Make it a priority when the opportunity is there….”Hey let’s grab lunch…..I have my calendar open, how about next Tuesday at 11:30AM at Mario’s?”

Let’s check out the research to motivate us to go deeper…deal?

On the Washington Post, I found why Small talk is boring. Our research shows how you can do better.

Arlin Cuncic bails us out with Small Talk Topics – The Best and Worst Things to Talk About

At I found some answers about why  “I can’t hold a conversation” 3 Reasons Why and How to Improve

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CHALLENGE: The benefits of moving beyond small talk extend beyond the immediate conversation, positively impacting relationships, personal growth, and overall well-being. After the opener, ask thoughtful questions and listen to understand.

I Know YOU Can Do It!