Traditions in Transition: Navigating Sadness and Crafting Meaningful New Chapters


On this show…we are crafting meaningful new chapters as we navigate the sadness of traditions in transition. Change is hard, no need to sugarcoat it as we do everything else around the holidays. Families grow and families shrink but what doesn’t change are the seasons. Therefore our flexibility and evolution are paramount to successfully navigate all the changes. For some, we merely adapt and roll with the punches but for others, we have to take the helm and create new memories and purpose. What each must share is an openness and willingness to embrace this ever-changing landscape with love. Most people are just doing their best. Have you ever stepped back or I should say stepped up for that kind of vantage point? On average, everyone is just trying to do their best. No one has everything figured out and everyone is going through something now, then, or yet to come so have patience and approach every situation with kindness and understanding.

With that said traditions are an important part of our development and shouldn’t be overlooked…

Dr. Kimberly Key explains Why Traditions Matter

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Written by Sarah Dolgin

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CHALLENGE: Transitioning your traditions involves open communication, a willingness to embrace change, and an understanding that creating new traditions doesn’t diminish the value of the old ones but rather allows for growth and adaptation.

I Know YOU Can Do It!