Love or Control? Unmasking the Truth About Manipulation and Codependency


On this show…we are unmasking the truth, is it love or is it control; manipulation, or codependency? It is so easy to get them twisted because even if you feel with all your heart that it’s coming from a place of love, it can still be manipulating. Thoroughly confused? Well, try operating in that conundrum without the knowledge or the tools to see it for what it truly is. You might identify with being a helper, a fixer, always picking up the pieces, wanting everyone to feel comfortable, and trying to orchestrate the best outcome for all involved and you probably suffer from control issues.  

So let’s be intentional as we dive into this intricate dance between care and control. Before we start let’s make a commitment to be kind to ourselves in the process because our intentions stem from love and a desire to help, but sometimes, this can lead us down the path of overstepping boundaries and manipulation. It’s a challenging journey to navigate, but understanding the fine line between genuine support and unhealthy codependency is crucial for fostering truly healthy relationships. 

As you know, I’m a codependent in recovery. I came to this realization later in life and have done a lot of work to understand, identify, and redirect this behavior yet still…I’m uncovering ways my manipulation can rear its ugly and intrusive head.

So, let’s explore this together and uncover how we can nurture our connections with authenticity, respect, and true care.

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The difference between love and control in the context of codependency lies in the intent, dynamics, and outcomes of the relationship:

  1. Intent:
  • Love: Genuine love is based on mutual respect, support, and the well-being of both individuals. It involves caring for someone without trying to change or control them.
  • Control: In codependent relationships, control often masquerades as care. The intent behind control is usually to manage or manipulate the other person’s behavior to fulfill one’s own emotional needs or to maintain a sense of order and security.


  • Love: Healthy love promotes independence and personal growth. Each person in the relationship can express themselves freely and pursue their own interests and goals.
  • Control: Codependent dynamics involve one person becoming overly involved in the other’s life, often at the expense of their own needs. This can result in one person feeling suffocated or dependent, while the other feels responsible for their happiness and well-being.


  • Love: Relationships based on love encourage open communication, trust, and mutual respect. Both individuals feel valued and supported, leading to a balanced and fulfilling connection.
  • Control: Codependency often leads to resentment, frustration, and emotional exhaustion. The controlling behavior can stifle personal growth and create an unhealthy dependence, where both parties struggle to maintain their individuality.

In essence, love in healthy relationships empowers and uplifts, while control in codependent relationships restricts and manipulates. Recognizing these differences is key to fostering healthy, supportive connections.

CHALLENGE: True love empowers and liberates, fostering growth and mutual respect. Let go of the need to control, and instead, embrace the beauty of supporting each other’s individuality. By setting healthy boundaries, we cultivate relationships that thrive on genuine care and authentic connection

I Know YOU Can Do It!