Learning to Qualify and Quantify Stress


On this show…we are taking in a big breath, releasing it slowly, and giving ourselves a much-needed time-out as we learn how to qualify and quantify our stress. Feeling frazzled? Perfectly normal if it’s from time to time. Buried and unsure how to rise above, we should take some time to unpack that a bit. See, not all stress should be created equal and even though the sky may feel like it’s falling, it’s not. Look up and while you’re at it, count to 10. We need to create some space between action and reaction so we can regain control over our thinking. 

I have to say that I deal with stress and stressors pretty well. I wouldn’t say I’m as cool as a cucumber but I might say I’m hard to rattle. I developed this mindset at a much earlier age, I can only do what I can do. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard worker and am guilty of taking on too much most of the time but that kind of stress I like. But even I have a wall. That feeling of pressure when you have too many balls in the air and not enough hands to keep them up. Are we a glutton for punishment? Taking on more and more and more until like a house of cards, it all comes crashing down. 

Good news, just as my stress is usually self-inflicted, you have some choices here. Let’s first strive to understand what stress is…

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At the National Institute of Mental Heath, I found some answers about Is it stress or anxiety?

CHALLENGE: Before you succumb to the pressure and find yourself frazzled, take some time and make some space to understand what’s really going on, what you can control, and what you must detach from. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!