Giving Yourself Permission to Move Forward


On this show…we are recognizing our authority to make thoughtful and qualified decisions on our behalf as we give ourselves permission to move forward. Wherever you are, stuck or detained, you have the right to take the necessary actions to heal, inform, forgive, and let go. Only from this type of feeling will you find the motivation to take the next step. So many of us find ourselves at one point or another trapped by regret, grief, anger, self-doubt, and more. We get so focused on trying to figure out the “why” of what happened that we can’t move past this rumination stage. Here we are stunted without the ability to see the bigger or better visions that lie just beyond this haze. 

Right now, let’s make the commitment to avoid saying or thinking; I can’t, I’ve already tried that, no one understands what I’m going through, or this is hopeless. Those types of sentiments don’t belong in our internal narrative or coming out of our mouths to anyone else. Remember, what you practice, you perfect. 

With that in mind, where do you want to put your time, effort, and energy? Finding a new path forward or finding a way to transcend time and rewrite the past? I don’t know about you but one seems pretty obvious. Ok then, how do we move forward? What do you need to uncover, untangle, or unlearn to allow yourself a free passage? If life is a lesson then that would be the natural place to start. What can you learn? Up close and personal it may be hard to see the point but let’s crawl up to our higher vantage point with the wide-angle lens to get the bigger picture. 

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CHALLENGE: don’t live with past regrets. Look for the lesson, forgive, and give yourself permission to move forward. The best is yet to come. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!