Boundaries and Bliss: Navigating Family Functions with Self-Care


On this show…we are gearing up for festive family functions by setting clear boundaries that encourage us to engage while focusing on our own self-care. Now that might sound like another thing to tackle like cleaning the bathroom, changing the sheets, removing the dog hair, and setting the table but just wait. With the right balance, you can manage both with ease. Picture it, some soulful jazz in the background, festive candles a glow scenting the room and setting the mood. With the food prep completed and an hour left on the turkey, you’ve got your feet up enjoying a little pumpkin spice latte allowing yourself a well-deserved break before company arrives and…….the dorbell rings. Goodbye serenity hello familia dysfunction and soon-to-be heartburn. Happy Holidays!

Sound familiar? I’m not sure how it goes down in your world but for many of us, this rings true. Maybe you only have to get yourself ready and a onepot wonder to contribute. You park at the back for an easy exit and have no problem with excusing yourself and packing up your leftovers before you have a chance to hit the hot seat. Maybe you have already established some clear boundaries and scenes like these are a thing of the past. Congratulations. For everyone else, hang in there. Finding harmony during family functions can feel like an ill-fated attempt but don’t we want a picture-perfect holiday? 

So let’s dig in and gain some new insights on setting boundaries for a blissful family function.

At I found more information on Understanding the Definition of Boundaries to kick us off

Kristen Lee Ed.D., LICSW answers the question Why Is It So Hard to Set Boundaries? Found at

On the Better Health channel I found some insight into Family Conflict

CHALLENGE: Take a big breath and a step back. Use gratitude as your platform to build a functional and festive family get-together. Lead by example, sharing your calm and welcoming light even when chaos threatens to extinguish it.

I Know YOU Can Do It!