Shrinking Your Challenges by Gaining a New Perspective


On this show….we are zooming out to get a handle on what’s really going on and what we’re really dealing with. Sometimes the only way to shrink the challenge is to get a new perspective. Are you in the thick of it? You know, up close and maybe too personal to the problem. It’s hard to be objective when you’re staring into the eye of the giant. Back away a bit, gain some height, and a new vantage point. Ok, from up here, what do you see? It may seem like a simple technique but when you’re slogging it out in life it’s hard to take the time or do the climb. But all the more reason. What’s the alternative? Stay stuck, paralyzed by fear, unable to see your way out? Well you could but you’ll only last there for so long and OH the damage you’re doing to yourself in the meantime. 

Or, you can take a big breath. Go on…take a BIG BEATHE. Now, let it out real slow. Still with me? Then the ceiling wasn’t falling as fast as you thought. Let’s jockey for a new position, up high where all those insurmountable problems shrink in size. Where we can pull in some peripheral context. Yep, he’s a giant alright but I got this and I can now see with a couple of keen moves this is all going to work out just right. 

So I’m going to share some ideas, we’ll listen to a few experts, and attack this from multiple angles. Let’s get started!

Korin Miller shares 13 Strategies Therapists Personally Use To Put Things in Perspective found at 

Sherrie Hurd sheds some light on Why Making a Mountain out of a Molehill Is a Toxic Habit and How to Stop found at

Jordan Peterson on Keeping Things in Perspective in Your Life

Over at intelligentchange I found 6 Ways to Deal With Daily Challenges and Obstacles

CHALLENGE: take the time to seek a new perspective. Whether changing your vantage point or opening your mind to new ideas, you can shrink your challenges when you gain a new outlook.

I Know YOU Can Do It!