Revisited: Claiming Victory by Saving Yourself


On this show…we are revisiting claiming victory by saving ourselves, tapping into the power we possess.  Someone one time…ok actually people ask me all the time, “are you always this happy?”. Or sometimes they phrase it as a statement, “You can NOT be this happy all the time!”  And they would be correct but “this happy” is relative. I realize that my mood is my choice and no one can make me feel anything I don’t want to feel. Guess what I want to feel? You got it, HAPPY. 

A follow-up question or statement I usually hear next is, “how do you let things roll off your back so easily?” Well the answer to that is, I don’t always. But again, I have to make a conscious effort to let go and move on. The primary reason I find that so doable is, that I don’t like to be in a bad mood. I don’t like the feelings of stress, anxiety, or sadness. I don’t like to be melancholy or irritated. Do you know what I do like? I like to problem solve and divert my attention to things that make me happy, feel creative, or that nourishes my soul. It’s a bonus when I can pick up all three feelings in the same activity. 

You have to want to succeed to feel successful. 

I also have to consistently check my power and control. These two words can have you soaring or keep you nailed down wondering why you can’t move. Not everything and everyone is under my control and I don’t have the power to change people or the past. If I use those statements as a guide and filter all struggles through them, I find letting go and moving on is really the only option. 

What is preventing you from feeling victorious? Remember, the journey of self-discovery is about education, exploration, and enlightenment. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into victimization and feeling victimized to understand how to achieve victory. 

Crystal Raypole walks us through this exercise in an article she wrote for Healthline.com: How to Identify and Deal with a Victim Mentality


Why is it that We Put Ourselves Last & Why Self-Care Should Be a Priority – Hey Jo Ritche gives us her insight on this in an article she wrote for Tiny Buddha.

CHALLENGE: Don’t accept your circumstances without activating your power to choose; your mood, your resolve, and your outcome. Decide your desire for happiness is stronger than your need for control. Let go and move on. Claim victory and celebrate your journey!

I Know YOU Can Do It!