Personality Traits and the Right Recipe


On this show…we are checking the personality pantry, exploring artful combinations and disastrous duos as we concoct the right recipe. Not all optimists should be created equal just like not all fatalists are wrong. Understanding who you are, what makes you tick, and what you’re drawn to in another human is important. A good blend is someone who lifts you up vs tears you down. I think we can all agree on that. Regardless of your current state, you can change infusing more of what you’re lacking by changing yourself and/or your surroundings. What traits are you drawn to? What traits do you excuse or immerse yourself in? It’s hard to want a sunnier disposition if you continue to encircle yourself with clouds.

I love this idea of a recipe. My husband and I had a season of creating ice cream. I say season because for a summer, we were all in. We bought the ice cream maker, researched recipes, brainstormed our future ice cream business (including names and logos), and of course….. thoroughly taste-tested our product. In fact, friends were curious about how we had room in the freezer for the ice cream we had created…HUH? There should be extra?

We actually got pretty good and it’s because we found the right base to build off of. All good ice cream recipes start with a base. Then you add the different flavors and elements to that base but the base provides the consistency. What is your personality base? What kind of mood do you experience with consistency? If you are primarily happy and optimistic then enthusiasm and joy aren’t a stretch. But if you are pessimistic and angry then humor and contentment might be harder to reach.  

So let’s strive for a consistent positive base on which to build. Deal?

Nato Lagidze starts us off with The Power of Positive Thinking: 10 Personality Traits of Optimistic People found at

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CHALLENGE: Diversify your recipe, inviting in differing opinions and ideas to broaden and challenge your viewpoint. Remove any barriers that are preventing your positive light from shining.

I Know YOU Can Do It!