Directing and Starring in Your Own Blockbuster, Your Desired Life


On this show…we’ll be writing the script, marking the stage, and preparing for our close-ups as we take charge of directing and starring in our own blockbusters, our desired lives! Picture it…the musical score warms up the scene, opening credits are scrolling, and the viewer is engaged and trying to anticipate the beginning and where it will go. Will they be rocked and soothed with a heartwarming saga or shocked and moved to the edge of their seats with an unpredictable thriller? You choose, because you are in charge of this story and how people perceive it. Wouldn’t that be liberating? A chance to rewrite some darker times, the ones that didn’t turn out as we planned or expected. Or the ability to pen the future full of possibilities. Don’t forget our starring role, the lead character in this blockbuster. Will we be one of those characters that everyone falls in love with, who they’ll champion, and cheer for, or the reclusive and misunderstood they’ll spend the entire picture trying to figure out. ACTING! Sure but this is your life and your story. Have you ever really stepped back to take it all in?

So many times we get stuck in our more challenging scenes. We let those difficult chapters of our lives shape and mold our characters, making it hard to pivot and come out the hero or heroine. But imagine the boos you would get and the tickets you would have to refund if you left this character at the end of their rope. Perseverance, coming back harder, reinventing, and reshaping the story to strive for more. 

That’s what leaves a crowd cheering. But don’t forget, after the applause dies down, the fans leave, the staff comes to clear the popcorn and forgotten personal items, there’s just you and your life. This could be fun and a worthwhile exercise, thinking of our lives as a motion picture, picking our supporting characters, designing the scene, choreographing the lighting, music, and visual effects. It gives us that vantage point that is important to frame things in the bigger picture. I mean, what does that even mean? It means gaining perspective. We can make small things into mountains and miss important details that can rob us of our happiness. All because we can’t see how this event fits into the bigger picture. 

So come on a journey with me through the silver screen. As we look at our lives with a wide-angle lens, closing in on the meaningful moments and building suspense for what’s to come. CUT – the beauty of being the director and the screenwriter is that you have the option of changing your mind and doing a rewrite. Strengthen your character’s resolve, influencing the story with more compassion or grit and for goodness sake, don’t inspect the basement! 

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CHALLENGE: refocus on the bigger picture, your desired life. You have the opportunity to write and rewrite your story since you are continually growing and evolving. When you’re ready for your close-up, take a breath and smile. You deserve this moment!

I Know YOU Can Do It!