Staying Flexible in Your Thinking to Easily Embrace Change


On this show…we are going to stay flexible, gently planting a foot to pivot, so that we can easily embrace change. The only thing that seems consistent, is change. How do you deal with your ever-evolving life? I believe certain seasons are prone to unfolding in due time and others see rapid change that may seem overwhelming and impossible to keep up with. What season are you currently in? Are you holding on for dear life or are you pushing your ideas up the side of a mountain? No matter where you find yourself, it’s important to stay flexible in your thinking. It’s all too easy to get rooted in one thought track that can narrow your view and limit your possibilities. There is more to learn as you connect and open your mind and your heart. 

Do you find yourself thinking and sounding like your parents? I’m sure at one point, during your rebellious teenage years, you said the words “Shoot me if I ever sound like my Mother” haha only to find yourself relating to the world in some of the same ways. That’s because much of your thinking, ideas, and rituals came from your parents during your formative years. One survey stated that 75% of life lessons are introduced by a parent. Can you think of a time when you challenged that way of thinking? How have you grown as you’ve been introduced to new people, places, and experiences? 

Today we are bombarded with content, voices, strong opinions, ideas, and suggestions. How do you discern and learn? 

Have you heard of the term, cognitive flexibility? 

Cognitive flexibility is an intrinsic property of a cognitive system often associated with the mental ability to adjust its activity and content, switch between different task rules and corresponding behavioral responses, maintain multiple concepts simultaneously, and shift internal attention between them.

Marianne Stenger shows us 7 Ways to Develop Cognitive Flexibility found at informEd


At I found information on Embracing Change: Moving Forward Through A Major Transition

On the Pursuit of Wonder Youtube Channel, I found Why We Are All Afraid Of Change – Overcoming Fear & Resistance

CHALLENGE: stay flexible in your thinking so that you are open to accepting new ideas, shared experiences, and the benefits of an alternative perspective. Change is not always easy but always part of the process. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!