Staying Engaged to Avoid Burnout


On this show…we are looking for the warning signs, taking inventory of our discontent, and listening to our internal struggles to avoid burnout and stay engaged. Whether you are feeling frazzled in the moment or downright over it either professionally or personally, wait…take a step back, a big breathe, now let it out. We’ve got time to re-engage with a re-engineered approach. You might need a new pair of eyes on the situation. Those could be yours after you’ve had a chance to unpack some of your frustration or you could invite in a third party opinion. Being so stuck in a routine or too up close and personal could be preventing you from finding your way out. 

We’ve all gotten stuck in the mundane at some point in our life. No matter what path you take, you will encounter ruts that need special attention. Sometimes routine and predictability can be comforting and just what you need and other times in your life it could push you over the edge -UGH life please give me more! 

You’re answer might be a radical shift like an alternative location, new friends, or a different career but it also might be a new attitude. Looking at the same situation with a different lens and a new lease on life. 

Chris Cancialosi kicks it off with HOW TO AVOID BURNOUT AT WORK: 5 PROVEN WAYS TO RE-ENGAGE found at

Lucy Foulkes tells us How to engage with life when you feel down found at

Dr. Craig Harper sheds some light on Quiet Quitting and the Future of Work found at

Over at BBC Ideas Youtube channel, Bruce Daisly, EX VP at Twitter gives us 6 tips to improve your work-life balance 

CHALLENGE: take a step back to evaluate the source of your frustration. Clear a space to think, dream, and re engage. You have the ability to reconnect in a more meaningful way.

I Know YOU Can Do It!