Finding Common Ground, Seeking to Understand


On this show…we’re going to seek to understand; putting aside our biases, limiting beliefs, and exploring our experiences to find common ground. Initial judgment is tough to overcome since part of it is built in for protection. What happens next is really up to you. How willing are you to open your mind and heart and explore a person to find common ground? Is it easier for you to live behind your protective wall of preconceived assumptions? Sometimes it is but it won’t serve you in the long run. Oh, the joy you are missing out on not to mention, the learning, expansion of ideas, and the adoption of new and exciting concepts. Don’t worry, there is time to turn it around and re-commit to re-examining your parameters. Let’s find out where those thoughts come from as we seek to understand.

I would consider myself a very open, trusting, and flexible person yet I too find myself judging people harshly and unfairly. It’s easy to create lanes or categories for the people you meet and force them into these before you truly understand the person, what they stand for, and what their intentions are. “Oh I like this person, we’re going to get along great.” “Hmmm I’m on the fence, I’m not sure we’re going to get along” and how about the category…NO WAY! How quickly do you come to that conclusion? Could we all do a little better? Ok good…can we all commit here and now to see to understand?

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CHALLENGE: be slow to discount the importance and relevance of the connections you make. Take the time to explore your biases and judgments as you uncover and overcome your own limiting beliefs. Strive to be a connection others want to make.

I Know YOU Can Do It!