Can You Really Be Self-Made?


On this show…we are humbly taking a step back, widening our purview to assess our support system as we question, can you really be self-made? The pure definition of self-made says: made such by one’s own actions. especially: having achieved success or prominence through one’s own efforts. But what about all the people who told you it was possible? The people who poured encouragement into your soul, helped you back up when things didn’t go as expected, and rallied behind all the many modifications and extra attempts? Not to take anything away from the choices you’ve made, in fact, let’s celebrate them and inspire you to take more chances and trust in your own abilities. But let’s not forget those who had your back, took your hand, challenged your ideas, and forced you to be better.

Have you heard…”I’m great at everything, except humility, which I’m AMAZING at.” Seriously though, humbly, I think about all the people who support all the crazy ideas I’ve had over the years. I was a wee entrepreneur, starting at age 8 with my very own yardsale. Sounds harmless except, as a latch-key kid, I’m pretty sure my Mother wouldn’t have appreciated me selling the contents of my room on the side of the road when she was at work. Oops. But it just snowballed from there. I never once remember my family laughing at me or telling me that whatever my small business flavor of the month was, I would fail. 

Sure, my Mom still reminds me of the puzzle piece jewelry phase I peddled in my own pop-up store called “Exception to the Rule”, but she was always careful not to squelch my dreams. 

Let’s walk around this idea to inspect all the angles. The first being, that you have the power to dream and to do! Ready for a Rocky-style intro?

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On the Mind Therapy YouTube channel, I found a motivating speech Denzel Washington gave to the American Film Institute that I thought was appropriate.

CHALLENGE: pat yourself on the back as you look to thank those in your support system who encouraged you, lifted you up, and championed your way to becoming self-made. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!