What You Consume, Blooms


On this show…we’re sorting the seeds of content we allow into the garden beds of our minds understanding that what you consume, blooms. We’ve all heard that you are what you eat but in turn, you are what you speak. How many original thoughts have you had this week? No judgment here in fact we’re all suffering from regurgitating what we hear and what we read, adopting it as our own thoughts and opinions. It turns out that most of our thoughts may not actually be original to us. This phenomenon is known as cryptomnesia, and it occurs when our brains mistakenly convince us that an idea or thought is our own creation when in reality, we have encountered it before and forgotten about it. With that in mind, what type of content are you consuming and how is that altering your mindset and overall health and well-being? 

It might be time to turn the soil over, pull out the toxic bi-particles, and add some organic matter. You are in charge of what takes root, what your produce, and what you harvest. But, it doesn’t always feel like that. Sometimes it feels like we’re on a little life raft in a sea of unwanted content full of strong opinions, hostile points of view, emotional guilt trips, and a relentless call to action. No wonder more and more are choosing to just check out versus trying to monitor the constant stream of chaos. 

There has to be a happy medium.

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CHALLENGE: fill your mind with content that adds value to your life, nourishes your soul, and pushes the limits of your thinking so that you can grow in a more positive direction. Seek light for ultimate growth.

I Know YOU Can Do It!