Venturing Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Venturing Outside of Your Comfort Zone


On this show…we are pushing the boundaries, testing the water, and venturing outside of your comfort zone. You know the place, where things feel a bit foreign, out of your perceived control, and where the unknown can either be exhilarating or terrifying. Most of us have been to this place but only temporarily, retreating the moment discomfort alerts us that we are outside our four predictable walls. Routine, Consistency, Automatic, and Safe. Here we live dreaming of what might be “over yonder” but rarely disrupting our day-to-day life to find out. What would happen if we broke through, ventured out, pushed through the awkwardness, and challenged ourselves? You might think it’s a 50/50 situation to win or fail but oh the learning levels in between.

You might be asking yourself;  Why would you want to venture outside of your comfort zone? Well, let’s clear that up before we even get started. Life can be an amazing journey if you let it. All throughout the process we have the opportunity to grow and learn, evolve. Some of this happens automatically and from basic observation of the people around us. Some of it is instinctual but other has to be explored, found, adopted, and nurtured. 

When we stop at the first amount of threat or push back, we have the tendency to stay stuck. Never pushing ourselves to challenge and grow.

There are different stages of learning and growing in your life – and thank goodness for it. Imagine staying stuck at any stage before the one you’re in now. It doesn’t matter how old you are today, imagine a stage or two before and then picture yourself stuck there. Not physically necessarily because it wouldn’t want to shed 20 years off your body (unless you are currently 20). I’m speaking for mentally. 

Picturing being 45 but you’re operating on the knowledge you had at age 25. Sure you might have had significantly more energy but oh boy, you didn’t have the experience you have now. 

NATALY KOGAN gives us 40 lessons in happiness for my younger self (a letter she wrote to her daughter)

Here are just a few…

  • Most things are better after a good night of sleep.
  • Don’t save your nice dishes, nice clothes, nice shoes for a special occasion. Every day you’re alive is a special occasion, so use the good stuff!
  • When in doubt, go for a walk.

Ready for an awesome revelation? You never have to be done. There is no ceiling to your quest for knowledge and experience. No graduation day, no certificate, and until the end, no pass/no fail. Your journey will ebb and flow and if you are willing, will keep moving forward.  Remember,  you hold the power to accelerate or to apply the brakes. 

Pushing down on the gas means you WILL face uncertainty, no doubt get lost, face adversity, and be forced into uncomfortable situations. But oh the fun you might have!

When it comes to life in general, you only know what you know. You’re a product of your environment. 

Jace Jacobs share more on this thought from his blog at

The way you operate today is a result of your programming.

Is it good or bad? Maybe a little bit of both. One thing is for sure; you are in charge of what you choose to embrace or change about yourself.

Own your happiness. 

Break your programming

Embrace the power of your thoughts

I love to reinvent and I have a gazillion hobbies and ideas. Sometimes my mind is racing, wondering how I will find time to get them all in. These can be professional projects and new business ventures to being obsessed with crocheting hats. 

I’m notorious for getting an idea and then falling headfirst into all the details until I’ve burnt myself out. Key here – diversify. Projects you can do alone, projects with people, projects that are self-serving, projects that help the community or a community of people or the environment in general, projects that inspire, teach, or exercise your mind and body. I’m getting excited just thinking about it all! 

What if you could grow through life instead of simply…go through life?

Shawn from shares 7 Steps on How To Grow In Life And Become More Successful

A few of his thoughts…

Take a moment to compare yourself 5 years ago…

  • Are you reaching greater heights in life?
  • Have you achieved most of your goals and are living your dreams?
  • And do you feel extremely fulfilled with your life right now?

Success will not come to you overnight, but it can be achieved through daily improvement and small increments over time.

Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year, but they underestimate what they can achieve within 5 years.

  1. Commit to Mastery
  2. Cultivate Success Characters
  3. Respect Your Time
  4. Keep Your Promises and Commitment
  5. Take care of your finances and commit to living debt-free when possible
  6. Nourish Your Body
  7. Enrich Your Soul

How can we coax you out to test the waters once again? You’re ok with where you are today and it’s far more comfortable than trusting and pushing yourself to learn a little more. You’re ok with settling for the here and now. 

In Tony Fahkry’s article -Why The Magic Happens When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone found at the

Just a teaser…

Life tosses you lemons — well at least that’s what you suspect from where you stand. You may be sick and tired of being in a rut. Feeling uninspired — emotionally drained and lacking direction. Don’t despair since you may simply be experiencing an internal shift.

From time to time, you may suffer periods of uncertainty, which on the surface appears as though your world is sinking. You might feel helpless and unable to navigate your journey ahead.

Remember, it is your response to life that is paramount to the level of personal growth you undertake. Most people thrive in ideal situations, although this does not test one’s character.

Your response to life’s uncertainties determines your level of inner growth, especially when the tides are against you.

CHALLENGE: to push yourself forward with the desire to learn and grow. Find comfort in the fact that you are in control of your passion and your pace. Make a commitment to growing through life instead of simply going. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!