Lighten Up: Laughing Your Way to Stress Relief


On this show…we are reducing stress by lightening up, not taking ourselves too seriously, and finding ways to laugh at life. Alarmed by your frown lines these days? Needing more reminders to relax your shoulders and breathe? Long for the days when your parents sent you to your room or the corner for a much-needed time-out. Life can be intense and our day-to-day schedules don’t seem to allow the room to relax and “laugh it off”. But laughter is like a magic potion for stress—just a good giggle can melt away tension and make you feel lighter. It’s your body’s way of giving you a happy boost, flooding you with feel-good vibes and boosting your immune system like a champ. 

Whether you find something naturally funny or you’re intentionally inducing a cackle or two, much is to be learned about the power of incorporating humor and laughter into your daily life and how this can lead to significant improvements in your physical, emotional, and social well-being, making it an essential tool for coping with stress and enhancing your quality of life.

Plus, sharing a laugh brings people closer, turning ordinary moments into joyous memories. So go ahead, laugh a little louder and a little more often—your mind and body will thank you!

Let’s start it out by attempting to answer the obvious question…what makes something funny?

Jinae West explores this on NPR’s All Things Considered. What Makes Something Funny?

Kaitlin Vogel gives us some strategies on How to Stop Taking Life Too Seriously found at Psych Central

At Fearless Culture, Gustavo Razzetti makes an insightful suggestion: Follow rule #6: don’t take yourself so damn seriously

Ever heard of LeAnne Morgan from Tennessee? Well, let me introduce you.

CHALLENGE: Embrace the power of laughter to reduce stress and boost your mood—let it be your daily dose of joy. Strengthen your connections by sharing laughs with others, creating happier and more resilient relationships. Make it a habit to find humor in life’s moments and watch as your overall well-being soars!

I Know YOU Can Do It!