Energy; Stored, Consumed, and Shared


On this show…we are checking our frequency, measuring our watts, and tapping into our power because we’re talking all about energy. Energy we store, energy we consume, and energy we share. Not sure about your hertz output? Maybe it’s different given the day, your mood, what has previously transpired, and what is yet to come. For electricity, you check the Kilowatt-hours that show up on your electricity bill. But what about your personal energy? It may take some effort and a deliberate check-in. We aren’t just talking about high energy or low, but everything in between. Positive and negative, productive and counterproductive. Can you change your frequency? Could you be more intentional with the energy you send out and could you be more protective about the energy you consume? The answer is yes. So let’s all plugin, open our hearts and minds, and seek to understand. 

You’ve heard me say it before, I have two speeds, on and off. But of course that isn’t true. I would say that I notice when I’m full-on into something and when I’m over it more than all the varying degrees in between. Make sense? What get’s you amped up? Charged or recharged, raring to go? I’m sure you’re getting excited just thinking about it…put a pin in that because we will revisit it. Now, what drains your energy storage banks? What truly takes it out of you and causes you to tap? 

I would say people as an answer to both questions. I love people and I love pouring into people. As an Encouragementologist, I’m rewarded by the investment I make into others. But as sweet as the reward can be, it can be soured by toxic people. To me, being kind is so easy. I’ve read it takes more muscles, 43 to frown than it does to smile, only 13 but it feels like some people just want to be unhappy. Try as you might, nothing you say or do seems to change that and to me, that’s energy exhausting. Maybe it’s because I do care and do try so for that, I’m willing to keep going but the difference is measurable. 

Sue Kohn-Taylor helps us understand that ​​Human energy is contagious – whose vibes are you catching found at the


At I found information on What’s the Vibe? 10 Types of Vibes (+ How We Sense Them)

Dr. Judith Orloff explains The 4 Laws of Energetic Attraction found on her website

On her youtubechannel I found a CBS interview on Energy Vampires. Let’s listen…

CHALLENGE: Monitor your energy; stored, consumed, and shared. You have the power to change your frequency to emit more positivity which in turn will lift those around you and effectively alter their daily trajectory.

I Know YOU Can Do It!